Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday Morning Crepes

I grew up with a crepe-making Mama. They were not a daily breakfast - usually reserved for the morning of a big exam or the morning after a sleepover to impress my friends (I'm fairly convinced the only reason Annie became my friend in high school was so she could eat Mama's crepes every weekend). They're my ultimate comfort food and when she comes to town next week she'll be crepe-ing up a storm around here... She even asked if she should pack her crepe pan :)

Luckily, when Mama's on the other side of the world, I have this guy:

He's pretty good, too.

Some favorite crepe fillings include:

* chopped apples cooked down with cinnamon + sugar
* caramelized bananas
* mixed berry compote with a squeeze of lemon + a dusting of powdered sugar
* chicken, herbed goat cheese, spinach + zucchini (great way to use up a leftover roast chicken)

We tend to use whatever we have around... usually something fruity (though Didz would happily go to town with a plain crepe and a jar of Nutella), or if we sleep in and wake up around lunchtime a savory crepe with chicken or mushrooms does the trick (though starting in a few days sleeping in will be a thing of the past).

Have a wonderful week... and don't be surprised if things go silent around here, we're kinda expecting someone :)

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  1. The flipping is impressive! It's like art. :)

    Sending you hugs and the bestest thoughts for Didzette's arrival!!!