Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Anniversary

Today marks two years. 
Thank you, Didz, for asking me to marry you. 
For saying, "I do". 
For being the most amazing, loving and wonderful husband, 
and an even better daddy to our little bug. 

I love you. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Bits

Annie was here this weekend! Yay! Annie! She gave Didz and I a much needed break and entertained the bug for hours, we sipped lattes and wine, we talked about life and plans, we took some walks, we had a super amazing Mama's Day Out lunch with our dear friend Allyson (involving delicious food, and even more delicious drinks).... and as if all that didn't make for a super duper weekend, we topped it all off when I smacked John Cusack in the face with a door leaving our favorite dessert shop. Yes, you read that right. John Cusack - Number 1 in my All Time Top Five Celebrity Crushes. In my defence, my super handsome hubby and mega cute baby were just on the other side of the glass door and I was so distracted by them, I didn't even notice my celeb-crush next to them.... sigh... Sorry John. I'm still your #1 fan, even if you didn't respond to our apologetic, wine-fueled tweet that night. 

Unfortunately, I was having SO much fun, that I didn't take out my camera a single time... So here's just a few photos I snapped with my iPhone:

Thanks for coming to play, Annie! We miss you already! Iny loves you!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

10 Months

Dear Didzette,

I say it every month, sounding more and more like a broken record every time... but I can't believe you're ten months old already. I know everyone keeps saying Enjoy these moments! It goes by too fast! And I want to scream back at them I KNOW! I KNOW! MAKE IT STOP! If I could just figure out how to slow down time, and keep you like this, at this perfect little age forever...

It's amazing how much you've changed in the past month. Sometimes I look at you, when you're sitting confidently in your high chair or standing up against the table trying so desperately to reach something up above you, and I see a grown little girl. It's just for a moment, as though I'm getting a little glimpse of you in the future, and then I blink and you're back to being my little baby with your chubby cheeks and your big, innocent eyes. But you certainly won't be a baby for much longer - you're developing your personality (your father calls it "attitude") and it's becoming more defined every day. You're determined (stubborn?) and you really don't like being told "no". You pretty much have free reign of our house, except for a few little things (our iphones, the tv remotes, and the big fat cable that's connected to the back of the tv which is at the perfect height for you to grasp when you shimmy yourself behind the tv stand) which are off limits. And because of the aforementioned determination, you always go straight for these items, and if (when) you get ahold of them and we take them away you quickly go from being our sweet, chunky thighed little doll to a screaming, fire-breathing, creature from another planet. It ain't pretty. It usually only lasts for a moment, or as long as it takes us to find a suitable replacement toy... but those screams have definitely caused your daddy and I to question this entire parenting thing.

You have also become the world's fastest crawler.... and since you recently discovered the hallway leading back to our bedrooms, I end up chasing you down there a million times a day. You'll be sitting in the living room, playing with your toys one minute, and then I look over and you're gone.... I call our your name and I hear the cutest giggles coming from the other end of the hall. I peek my head around the corner to find you, and you stop, sit, look back at me and laugh, so happy that I found you. Then, before I can reach you, you turn and continue racing down into your bedroom laughing the entire way until I swoop you up in my arms and take you back to the living room with me.

You're an excellent eater, and it makes me so happy to see you try anything and everything we give you. Whether I'm blending up peach+spinach puree at home (which is my personal favorite) or we're out eating fish tacos (your personal favorite), you're always happy to eat. I'm pretty sure your insides consist mainly of avocado at this point, and fish tacos, and bananas. But you haven't met a sweet potato fry you haven't liked... and turkey burgers and broccoli are a hit, too. Keep munching away, bug. It makes us so happy to see you chow down.

Oh, and O's. How could I forget to mention O's? We give you O's as a little afternoon snack, and to see you eat them is the absolute best thing. I need to record more of these little challenges in dexterity and remember them forever. Usually, you manage to pick up an O between your thumb and pointer finger, and ever so daintily bite it in half. Then you continue to hold the second half in your hand for a few seconds before cramming the entire thing in your mouth. It's the most darling thing I've ever witnessed. Other times, however, you choose not to use your fingers at all... and put your entire face down on the table and hoover the O up with your mouth. Less dainty. More awesome.

You're our little rascal. You're a handful. You're the best.

We love you.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Have a Great Weekend!

At the beginning of this week our calendar was wide open, yet somehow we managed to fill it up completely with lunch dates and dinners and spontaneous 8am beach outings. It can be hard making plans and scheduling around nap times and bed times, but all of our last minute get togethers this week aligned perfectly with our routine. I've learned that spontaneity is totally key to making this parenting thing work - big, pre-set plans cramp our style - but being ready to go at a moments notice when the baby is awake and happy works for us. We've learned to be flexible, and live moment to moment...

Looking forward to some beautiful, spontaneous moments this weekend.

* * *

Also... we'll be popping a bottle of bubbly and sending big love to my brother-in-law Paul and his beautiful bride-to-be Josie! Congratulations on your engagement! xoxo

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Saturday Afternoon

On Saturday, we made our way across town to Silverlake to spend the afternoon with some friends. It was a perfect day to lounge out in the yard on big blankets and snack on veggies and cheese and dips and a beautiful loaf of bread I baked after being inspired by our bread-baking-buddy Bobbie. We caught up with old friends, made some wonderful new ones... Ina and her new friend Millie were quite the adorable duo, and we are so happy we got to spend the day together.

Here's a peek....

And then there was a dance party for Ina's entertainment....

... she was not impressed...

Thank you A+J... You guys are the best. Let's do it again soon! xo

Friday, August 2, 2013

Grampa Al and a Hootenanny

Lately (say, the last 9.5 months), time has been such a blur. This morning I was talking to my mom while out for a walk with the bug, and she asked what time it was here in California... I hadn't the slightest clue - was it 7am, or noon? I didn't even know what day it was. And I'm completely shocked that July ended without my knowing...

So, while I can't tell you when exactly these next events took place, they occurred sometime in recent memory, and they were wonderful.

An afternoon of music, food, beer and laughter with my dearest childhood friends...

And a quick visit with Grampa Al while he was in California for work...

Now that I've figured out it's Friday, I'm looking forward to the weekend! We'll be seeing some friends, spending time outside (I still can't get enough of this beautiful weather... not too hot, not too cold, it's juuuust right) and maybe, just maybe, staying up late to watch a movie after the bug goes to bed.

Have a wonderful weekend!