Monday, March 12, 2012

Bits of Our Weekend

Our weekend didn't quite work out as planned... the surprise trip to Milan Didz had planned for my birthday had to be postponed (long story involving Didz's upcoming trip to China, the necessary visas and his passport being out of his hands).... So instead, we checked a couple things off our Brussel's To-Do List that we'd been meaning to do, including a lovely lunch at the top-floor cafe of the Musical Instrument Museum (stunning city views from there... even though it was grey and cloudy), a visit to the Magritte Museum*, and then some shopping to fill out our afternoon. A Sunday evening dinner and drink with our buddy Robbie and then curling up to watch The Thomas Crown Affair (it was too fitting after going to the Magritte museum) closed out the weekend.... It was no Milan, but but it was wonderful.

The Musical Instrument Museum

Tasting a new-to-us organic beer

Didz didn't like it

City views

The stunning side-entrance to the Magritte Museum

Delicious apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and mango custard

Didz got me birthday shoes.... love. love. love. 

I hope your weekend was lovely and delicious and almost as good as a weekend in Milan, too! 

*Mia, remember going to the Magritte exhibit at LACMA in Los Angeles 6 years ago? I couldn't help but think of that lovely afternoon while cruising through the Magritte Museum.... and to be honest, the LACMA exhibit was better than the museum here. This felt too stuffy and curated - not as playful as the exhibit in LA where they created a surrealist landscape throughout the galleries. When you come visit we can go back and compare and then critique it over a glass of wine :)

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  1. I'm glad you finally got to eat at the pretty museum with a view! And yay new shoes! :)