Thursday, January 10, 2013

12 Weeks

Dear Didzette,

You just rolled over! Just now! Twice! It's a very good thing your daddy was right there to catch you, otherwise you would've rolled yourself right off the couch. Twice. Whoops.

I was going to start by saying how much you've changed in just a short month, but you rolling over just perfectly illustrated my point. It's really amazing to watch. You're getting so strong, trying to sit up by yourself, holding your head up more confidently each day. Didz calls you his little bobblehead doll... because you'll be holding your head up high, then it'll start to wobble, wobble, wobble... and then sometimes it just flops right over. You're really trying, though. And it's really cute.

You've been drooling. A LOT. I'm talking non-stop leaky faucet drool. Like a St. Bernard puppy. Some days we don't even bother dressing you because you just soak right through your shirt in a matter of minutes. But I think you prefer to be naked anyway. Whether we're changing your diaper or changing your drool-drenched shirt, you always smile that big beautiful smile when we take your clothes off. I hope your enjoyment of being in the nude isn't foreshadowing future career or lifestyle choices... :)

A couple weeks ago you discovered your fist. It was flailing around in front of you, and suddenly it became the center of your world. You love your fist. You try to stick the whole thing in your mouth, and the whole thing just gets soaked in drool. You watch it, you lick it, you suck on it. You have absolutely no idea that it is attached to your arm, which is attached to the rest of your body, but you'll figure it out eventually.

The biggest, most wonderful change happened right around Christmas... when you started to consistently sleep through the night. Oh bug, you make us so happy when you sleep all night. Waking up at 6am isn't nearly as painful when we aren't getting up every couple of hours. Your daytime naps have been becoming more regular, too (though we're still working on those), which makes you a pretty happy baby when you wake up, and makes me a very happy mama.

You're such a sweet bug. Keep it up. We love you.


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  1. Hooray for sleeping through the night! And, apparently, her fist! She is so stinkin' adorable.