Thursday, February 7, 2013

16 Weeks.

Dear Didzette,

Sixteen weeks have flown by, and you're getting cuter every day. You're the cutest you've ever been, if I'm allowed to say that. Of course, you were adorable as a newborn, so tiny and sleepy and precious... but now you're smiling and coo-ing and wiggling and rolling and doing so much more.

You started giggling the other day... and oh man, it almost made me cry. I was holding you up and kissing your fat belly and suddenly you erupted with laughter! At first I thought I had upset you and scared you with my smooches and you were crying out, but I looked up and you had the biggest smile on your face and you were laughing! Since then it's become our little game - I give you kisses on your belly and your chubby little cheeks and on your fists (which are constantly soaked in drool), and you just laugh and laugh and laugh. It's the best.

Yesterday we went out to lunch to our favorite little cafe and got a table right by the big picture window. You sat on my lap quietly just watching the world pass by outside - letting me and your daddy have a nice meal and a chat. You were so interested in all the people passing by on the tiny cobblestone street - the old couple walking arm in arm, the young woman pushing her baby in a stroller, the old man and his dog. Sometimes I really wish you could remember these little moments of your life in Belgium. But don't worry bug, I'll remember them and I promise to tell you stories and show you pictures and remind you of this wonderful little dream life we got to live during our first months as a family of three.

For now though, you just keep doing what you're doing... and we'll keep soaking in these precious memories.

We love you more and more every day.



  1. This truly warms my heart. Can't wait to hear her giggle!

  2. she is so beautiful! and i love her hat! :)