Monday, February 4, 2013


Last week, our friends Dainius and Christine came to Leuven. These two lovebirds got married just a few months ago and are embarking on a two+ year European honeymoon (sound familiar?) and came to see us for a few days. And, as if their company and conversation weren't enough, they cooked for us. There is truly nothing better than two tired new parents having the luxury of sitting on the sofa, drinking beer, listening to music and hanging out having normal adult conversation, while two fabulous chefs prepare a meal of Ukrainian borscht and Lithuanian cepelinai.

We got to hear about their wedding (which we sadly had to miss because I was hugely pregnant and unable to fly) and got caught up on their plans for their new life abroad. And though I'm very sad our European adventure is ending, I'm thrilled for them and their upcoming experiences, challenges, travels and triumphs. We were happy to give them some insight and advice on life abroad and parenthood (because we're such pros now), and we look forward to visiting them in Lithuania next year - maybe by then they'll be tired new parents and will need a night off from cooking, too:)

Thank you, D+C. We're so glad our paths crossed out here halfway across the world... and we wish you all the best on your big adventure! xo

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  1. This looks awesome.
    I'll totally cook for you guys stateside.