Friday, April 5, 2013

The Girls

Yesterday morning, everyone's favorite Auntie Annie arrived in Toronto for a fun-filled girls (+Didz) weekend. She and Ina instantly became best friends, and we've been having so much fun catching up, chatting, shopping, eating and drinking. We spent the day yesterday cruising Queen West with my mom, who arrived Tuesday. We stopped for lunch at the Drake Hotel, where we had cocktails (the Cucumber Smash was the big winner) and fish tacos and killer mac + cheese. I'm so happy to have my two favorite ladies around, and Ina is spoiled by all the love and attention (and gifts!)...

Lucky for Didz, my dad arrived this morning. The two of them just went out to lunch together... which means we might never see them again. In a few hours I'll start calling every bar in the neighborhood, asking the bartenders to be on the lookout... Let's all hope they make it back in time for dinner.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Y E S ! ! ! auntie annie IS the best :) hope you guys had a blast together xo