Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend Bits

On Easter Sunday, we gathered with Didz's extended family for a big family reunion brunch. It was nice catching up with his family, and showing off our little Easter Bunny. In a rather hectic car-packing, baby-dressing, coat-finding attempt to get out the door in time, I forgot to grab the camera. So I don't have any photos of the amazing brunch spread GrandmaDidz prepared, or the sweet smiles Ina gave her aunts and uncles (or the few tears when the big crowd was too much to handle).

Easter brunch was wonderful, but to be honest, the highlight of the weekend was Friday afternoon. We invited Didz's sister, brother and his girlfriend over to hang out for a few hours. We had a few drinks, and a few laughs. Ina got smothered with attention and love from her aunts and uncle, and it was so great spending that time together in a small group setting - big family gatherings can get pretty overwhelming for the little bug.

The other highlight was the massive, out of control, awesome breakfast burritos Didz made Easter morning (before the massive brunch). It doesn't look like much from the photo, but once it was rolled up it was bigger than my face:

This will be a busy, fun-filled week beginning with my mama's arrival tomorrow morning... So much goodness to look forward to! I hope you had a great weekend filled with chocolate bunnies and joy. Have a great week!

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  1. That little bug has such a sweet face.
    Hi to your mama!