Friday, June 21, 2013

8 Months (plus a few days)

Dear Didzette,

In this past month, you have grown leaps and bounds... You are officially a real BABY! You know, the kind that crawls, and stands up while holding on to chairs and table legs, and has fat, pudgy thigh rolls, and giggles and chatters on and on. You don't sit still for a minute. Now that you're mobile, there is no stopping you. You've learned how to crawl up the stairs, and now it's one of your favorite activities. The first time you did it, the look of determination on your face was unbelievable, as though you were climbing up Mt. Everest - now you do it with such ease. It's really amazing to watch you try something once, and then do it over and over again like it's no big deal. Your daddy came back after being in Belgium for a few weeks and couldn't believe how much you've changed.

We've finished all our packing and organizing (again) and are on our way to California! We've taken a little pit-stop in Chicago to see your great-grandmother before we head west, and I'm so glad it worked out to visit her. She's just overjoyed to meet you and it's been so special to see four generations of women together in one room. You're a little timid around her, but she's happy to see you crawl around and play nearby.

Once we get to California, dear buggy, I promise things will calm down. We'll settle down, show your daddy around, take long walks by the beach, visit with all my dear friends, and enjoy that sweet California sunshine. You're gonna love it.

Thank you for being so wonderful and patient and easily adaptable as we take you from house to house and city to city, in and out of airplanes and cars... You're so great. We love you so much.

Now let's go to California! Yay!


(Here's a couple more photos from our time with my dear Grandmother....)

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  1. So beautiful!!

    Mieloji Inute, tavo Teta Sigi negali susivaldyt, ji TAIP LAUKIA su tavim susipazinti. like WHOA. saugios keliones tau ir tavo mamytei!!