Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Bits

Just a single shot from the weekend:

I haven't been taking my camera around with me lately - relying instead on the convenience of iphone photos that can be easily snapped and sent to Didz immediately so he could be in on our day to day happenings.... like lunch at Wahlburgers (where a soundtrack of Marky Mark kept the bug bouncing and bopping in her high chair while we ate)... or our afternoon walk down to the beach... or those moments we miss papa so much we might just burst.

This week, with my dad out of town on business, Babs and I plan on having all kinds of fun with the bugette before our little family takes off to LA in a couple weeks. There's a few recipes I've been wanting to try (I've got a major itch to bake something - it's been SO long!), and a few shops I'd like to pop by, and a few bottles of wine I'd like to drink:) All that, while chasing after Ina, should keep us plenty busy.

Have a great week!