Friday, August 9, 2013

Have a Great Weekend!

At the beginning of this week our calendar was wide open, yet somehow we managed to fill it up completely with lunch dates and dinners and spontaneous 8am beach outings. It can be hard making plans and scheduling around nap times and bed times, but all of our last minute get togethers this week aligned perfectly with our routine. I've learned that spontaneity is totally key to making this parenting thing work - big, pre-set plans cramp our style - but being ready to go at a moments notice when the baby is awake and happy works for us. We've learned to be flexible, and live moment to moment...

Looking forward to some beautiful, spontaneous moments this weekend.

* * *

Also... we'll be popping a bottle of bubbly and sending big love to my brother-in-law Paul and his beautiful bride-to-be Josie! Congratulations on your engagement! xoxo

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