Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Bits

It was hard to mourn the end of summer this Labor Day Weekend when temperatures were higher than they've been all summer. We tried to stay cool as best we could, and spent the majority of the weekend outside (since our apartment was stifling). We took a trip to the pool with Iny's boyfriend Felix, ate a million blueberries while rocking out to a fun marimba band at the Farmer's Market, ate cupcakes with Sigi, and had a picnic on Monday at our favorite park on the bluffs overlooking the ocean. 

Here's a peek...

When we first got to LA in June, we weren't sure we'd be settling in for the long haul or if we'd be moving again, so we stacked the garage full of our boxes of stuff while we waited to see how our plans would unfold. I'm very happy to say we've decided to stick around for a while. We have some plans for our place, including ripping out the dingy carpet in the bedrooms, finally hanging some art on the walls and decorating the bug's room. Of course these things take time, but I'm very excited to get started on some of these projects. 

Happy September, friends! I think I'll go buy a notebook and sharpen some pencils to prepare for all the good things ahead...