Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Americannie in Paris

Going to Paris with a boyfriend or husband (or lover... ooh la la!) is wonderful - there's romance! and passion! and PDAs!

Going to Paris with a best friend is even better - there's shopping! and macarons! and girl talk!

Trying to feel the statues smooth tush... Real mature, Annie...

Annie and I had such a fabulous week together - it was so special to get to spend that time with her. Our past few get-togethers were whirlwind weekends during which we barely got a chance to catch up properly (wedding dress shopping in NYC and Bachelorette shenanigans in Malibu are hardly conducive to solid heart-to-heart chats).... This time was different. We spent days leisurely walking and talking and stopping and shopping and eating and drinking and relaxing.... we'd lose our train of thought walking by the Louvre, and find it again hours later while eating life-changing falafel on the street in Le Marais. We sought out the best roast chicken in Paris (and fell a little bit in love with our waiter). We stopped to listen to street musicians in the 6th and had lunch at one of Hemingway's old haunts. We browsed titles at Shakespeare & Co, and went home with tote bags filled with literary treasures to remind us of our trip. We bought shoes and dresses and jewelry (and the most beautiful french linen bedding that I will eternally be jealous of)... and every time we don one of these pieces (or every night when Annie crawls into that beautiful bed) we'll be momentarily whisked back to Paris....

Here's just a glimpse...

In the next few days, I'll share a little bit more - including our visit to Versailles - but for now, I think I'll go down to the bakery, pick up a fresh croissant, and browse these pictures over and over and imagine Annie and I are still sitting at a cafe on Rue Cler watching the people pass by, as the crumbs from our buttery, flaky croissants collect on the tabletop. 


  1. All sounds and looks so lovely! So glad you got some girl time and have a wonderful week together. <3

  2. Replies
    1. The first few nights we rented a lovely little flat in Le Marais - great location, wonderful for wandering around... The end of our trip we lucked out and my friends Nida & Brent (who live in the 7th) were heading out of town and let us stay at their beautiful apartment - complete with a picture perfect view of the eiffel tower out the living room window. Just dreamy.....

  3. that picture of annie with the flowers is just perfection. i can't decide if her smirk or her hands are more precious :)

  4. (after writing that i realize some readers may think 'that must be one of annie's aunts or her mother' hahaaa)

    1. hahah oh Allyson. YOU'RE precious. :) And the hands...i believe Auste captured a pure moment of "holy-crap-look-at-the-peonies" combined with dance hands from the little dixie jazz band I could hear down the street! I miss it all...

    2. both of you are just adorbs. and, obviously, so am i by association.