Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ilgiausiu Metu Mama!

(translation: Happy Birthday Mama!)

 Girls Weekend in New York City last spring

It's my darling mother's birthday today. She's my favorite person in the world - she amazes me with her endless creativity (those of you who know her work, know she's an incredible artist), and she's generous beyond compare. Our daily phone calls (or these days, skype calls) that we have to cut ourselves off from after an hour (otherwise we could talk all day and not get anything else done) are my daily treat. And when we get together there's usually wine (or gin & tonics) and cheese involved, accompanied by a lot of giggling, lunches at our favorite cafes and sometimes (always) shopping.  She's my best friend and I hope that one day, when I'm a mama, I'm just like her. 

Myliu, Mamyte! Ilgiausiu Metu! 

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