Monday, April 2, 2012

Wonderful weekend bits

We had a great weekend - it was the first time in a while that Didz and I got to spend the majority of the weekend together. With exams out of the way, he wasn't studying around the clock, and though he had to do a bit of work on some assignments, it was minimal compared to the past couple months. It was a welcome change, and we made the most of it. On Friday we started out the weekend with a date night: dinner out at a little restaurant down the street, and then went home to watch Kindergarten Cop. Saturday morning we made White Chocolate Chip Pancakes and enjoyed a wonderfully lazy start to the day. That evening we met our dear friend Kirsten (and her visiting guests from London) for dinner at a very cool restaurant in the dodgy end of town by the original Stella Artois brewery... which included mojitos, the world's largest meatballs, and a hilarious bike ride back (oh how i wish it was caught on video). And Sunday.... well, we spent most of Sunday sipping cappuccinos and wondering how in the world it was April already and trying to figure out where January, February and March went....

Hope you had a fantastic weekend... Happy April!

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