Friday, November 16, 2012

Passport Pictures and Piano Man

Yesterday we took Ina to get passport pictures taken. It might have been one of the funnier experiences we've had as new parents... trying to hold her head up, while simultaneously trying to keep her arms (which tend to flail around with a mind of their own) out of the shot, while trying to listen to the instructions of the photographer to move over and hold her higher and keep her still... it was hilarious. I only wish we had ordered a whole set of photos including the outtakes instead of just the final shot. There were some gems in there, I'm sure.

When we left the photo shop, we came across the most amazing street musician who was playing a piano he had wheeled out onto the sidewalk. It made me feel like dancing on a cold, gray November day.

Have a wonderful weekend!


she totally looks like a threat to homeland security, amiright?


  1. I love that he also painted on the side of his piano for effective marketing. :)

    1. I know, right? I kinda want to hire him for our next party. You're obviously invited.