Thursday, November 29, 2012

Six Weeks

Dear Didzette,

You're six weeks old today, and are soaking up your last cuddles and lullabies and dances with your grandparents. They leave tomorrow, and it will break my heart a little to see them go... and you might not know what's happening, but I know you'll miss them, too. You've had so much fun dancing with my dad and listening to his crazy made-up stories and songs about hunting hippopotamus. My mom has a magical touch that calms you down when you're fussy and she's been buying you the cutest little outfits (like our favorite green polka dot pjs). They've gotten to see you smile and cry and wiggle around and sleep so sweetly, and I know they'll miss you terribly. We'll be sure to chat with them over Skype as much as possible so you wouldn't forget them... and we'll plan to visit them as soon as we can.

You're such a sweet little bug. We're loving every minute with you - even the long, sleepless nights (though let's work on those, ok?)... now let's get back to snuggling.


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  1. Her cheeks are incredible.
    Happy 6 weeks, Didzette. <3