Thursday, November 1, 2012

Two Weeks

Dear Didzette,

You're two weeks old today. It's such a tiny amount of time in the grand scheme of your life, but we're going to celebrate it anyway. I'm completely in awe of you, and how much you've changed in just two short weeks. I can spend hours staring at your perfectly teeny little features, threatening to eat every single one of your toes when you aren't looking.

You're so alert and awake and interested in the world around you, and you seem to be studying us as much as we're studying you. We're starting to figure you out, little bug. That is to say, we're figuring out that there is no way to figure you out - every day brings something new, and when we think we're getting the hang of this parenting gig you throw a curve ball at us. Some days you're attached to my boob incessantly, other days you nap so soundly I can hardly wake you to feed. There are moments when you yelp something quite vicious, but that's rare. Usually you're a happy, mellow baby.

You've been practicing your facial expressions lately - furrowing your brow, suspiciously giving us a sideways glance, puckering up your lips, and my personal favorite: your smile (yeah, sure, maybe it's just gas, but that little smile makes me *swoon*).

I hope you've been happy with us, bug. We're still learning... and we will be for years and years to come. Be patient with us, and we'll figure it all out along the way.