Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Bits

Our weekend began with a lunch date... Yes, there was a tiny person with us, so some people might not consider that a real date, but there was wine. And life-changing mushroom ravioli. And a person who served it to us. And we didn't have to do the dishes. So it was a date.

There was also tree decorating, and soup making, and cranky baby soothing, and movie watching and music and mulled wine... 

ready to deck the halls

disco window


pa rum pum pum pum

...not a bad weekend at all. Have a wonderful week!


  1. what a sweet picture of ina!! and i def need those disco balls!! xo

    1. what can i say? me and the didzman make a pretty cute kid :)
      and yes, you do. disco balls for the soul.

  2. Life changing?!?! Wow! How was Ina out on the date.
    And hello, I agree with Allyson- suuuuper sweet picture of baby Ina!

    1. yes. life. changing.
      the bug slept through most of it, then woke up and just chilled out on my lap... i couldn't believe it. i was ready to order our food to-go and bolt home, but she didn't make a peep!

    2. Wow, I'm so happy for your life change! :)
      Go, Ina! Way to hang out. (baby high fives!!!)

    3. it basically means our italian countryside plan needs to happen STAT. do we have a ravioli guy? should i recruit the chef from this restaurant?

    4. TOTALLY recruit the chef from the restaurant! Nobody has volunteered for ravioli. I've gotten good at some gnocchi recipes, so we will be eating a lot of life changers.