Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Bits

The Christmas Market opened in our town last week, so the highlight of our weekend was spending an evening wandering through the crowds, exploring the trinkets in the stalls, meeting our friend Pieter for some hot gluhwein and catching up with him while listening to traditional Belgian Christmas music performed by a choir of old men.

bustling market.

hottie hubby. heatlamp. hotwine.

a whole stall dedicated to boozy hot cocoa
Someone had too much ChocoWhiskey... 

We're planning on leaving Belgium in the next few months (that's a different post altogether, and there's still a lot of question marks to work out), but I've started to walk around town a little slower, looking around a little closer, trying to soak up every memory of this place before we go. Christmastime in Leuven is right at the top of things I'll miss about living here.

Meanwhile, Didz is singing along to The Band and dancing with Ina... he says he's "building a musical sand castle in her brain." I don't know what that means, but I sure do love it.


  1. I don't quite know what that musical sandcastle is, but it sounds wonderful.

    Soak it all in! And by "it" I mean boozy cocoa. :)

    1. wish you were here to soak "it" in with me!

  2. I recognize that cute little sweet warm beanie. Perfect container for the musical sand castle growing in her mind. xxoo

    1. It's my favorite hat of hers... I really wish I had a matching one. and those little booties. the booties kill me! thanks again... ina sends a million little slobbery baby kisses...xo