Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Bits

This weekend was packed with friends, family, food (and a lot of wine). An old friend from my childhood summer camp days decided, at the last minute, to drive up from Cleveland to see us. He and I spent Saturday morning sampling Farmers Market fare at Evergreen Brick Works - an old brickyard that's been restored and converted to a "community environmental center that inspires and equips visitors to live, work and play more sustainably". In the afternoon, we celebrated Ina's grandmother's birthday over lunch with the family. That evening, we invited a few friends over for a pizza making party, where we utilized ingredients from the farmers market including lamb sausage, roasted garlic, salami, mushrooms, tomatoes, basil... and more. We stayed up late eating and drinking and catching up.

Here's a peek, if you'd like to see:

I hope the springtime has found you, wherever you are... I'm finally feeling hopeful that winter is behind us. Have a wonderful week!

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