Monday, October 14, 2013

Last Week + Weekend Bits

Last week my mom was still in town, still feeding us and spoiling us and helping out with Ina. My brother had a work trip down here, so we had a couple evenings with him, too. Ina loved all the attention, and hours of peek-a-boo, and constant action around the house.

The weekend seemed too quiet with everyone gone, but we struck a perfect balance between relaxing and recovering, and keeping busy. We finally got around to hanging some art on our walls, brought up our sofa (it had been in storage in the garage ever since we moved in), enjoyed the cooler weather with walks around the neighborhood, and invited some friends and their kids over for spaghetti and meatballs. It was pretty adorable seeing Ina try to keep up with the 4 year old boys - she was loving it. The boys were running up and down the hallway, and Iny was crawling as fast as her little limbs could carry her back and forth behind them, laughing the entire time. When everyone left and Ina was passed out, Didz looked at me and said, "She's turning into a real kid!"... which very nearly made me cry... but it's true. With her first birthday just a few days away, it's becoming even more real. She is totally growing up and turning into a little kid - more and more each day.

Have a wonderful week... and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to our friends and family up north!

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  1. MAN her smile is ridiculously adorable!
    Miss you.