Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Bits

This past weekend was non-stop fun... beginning with my parents coming to visit in the middle of last week. Didz and I got more alone time together than we've had all year, thanks to the worlds greatest babysitters - we even went out at night. To a bar. And had drinks. Like normal people. On a Thursday night!

I mean, we were still home and in bed by 10... but still! We went out!

We also went out for a birthday lunch to celebrate Didz's 30th on Friday. And then spent the rest of the weekend at LT Days - the annual Lithuanian Fair here in LA where we ate traditional Lithuanian food, drank a whole lot of Lithuanian beer, and bopped our heads to Lithuanian polka music.

I didn't take many pictures, unfortunately, but the few I do have say it all...

 Happy Birthday Didz:

Bug's first pigtails:

Getting increasingly harder to capture the ever-squirming buggy:

We spent the majority of the weekend in the beer garden at the festival, wondering which of the grandparents or which one of our friends had the baby:

All in all, it was a great weekend... a little bit tough getting out of bed this morning, but wonderful nonetheless. My dad flew home already, but we have Babs here for a few more days. Just long enough to convince her to move back here... :)

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