Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Bits

Little Iny turned ONE on Friday, so we spent the entire weekend celebrating. Friday, we spent the day up in Malibu, eating fish tacos with our toes in the sand, and frolicking on the beach. Saturday we co-hosted a birthday party with Ina's buddy Max (they were born just a day apart) at a park with some friends. And Sunday, we spent the morning at the farmer's market, then bought some books at our favorite little children's book store and went home to chill out and eat left over cake. It was a great weekend with our darling girl and some of our favorite people.


She received her first pair of Chucks from Auntie Brigs and her boyfriend Felix... I think we can all agree that babies in Chucks are the cutest thing EVER.

We'll be sleeping off our birthday coma and continuing to unpack and settle in this week (last night we brought up a bunch of boxes we had stored in the garage when we first moved here). It's slightly embarrassing to admit, but we've almost unpacked all our our wedding gifts from over two years ago (all of which were in storage while we were in Belgium - feels like Christmas opening all these boxes!)... I can't wait to host a dinner party and finally put all these dishes and fancy platters to use!

Have a great week!

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