Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There's something warm and cozy that's associated with a roasted butternut squash in the cold weather. When I sloshed through the rain to the market Saturday morning, I knew that a warm roasted squash was exactly what I needed. I didn't have a plan when I bought it - I even discussed it with Annie over Skype when I got home - but after browsing several recipes, I'm happy to say I've found a new fall favorite. This Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Galette is really easy (especially if you cheat and buy the pastry dough) - but it feels special with a sort of rustic elegance that would be perfect for a fall dinner party. I would slice it up and serve it as a lovely appetizer for my guests.

The most difficult part (by far) was peeling and chopping the squash - NOT an easy feat when you have the dullest knives in the world to work with. I'm actually surprised I didn't lose a finger (or ten), but I did come away with a blister on my palm from literally sawing away at the squash with a bread knife. So, should you try this recipe at home, please use a real knife, and please be careful.

As I went along, I made a couple slight changes and substitutions - gouda, thyme and I added a little extra kick with an additional sprinkling of cayenne pepper once it was all combined in the bowl. The good thing about galettes is that there are endless combinations and the end result is always delicious.

 And, what's more, it doesn't have to look perfect - it's supposed to look homemade, that's part of the charm. 

Didz came home just as I pulled it out of the oven, our interaction went something like this:

D: Alright! Pizza!
A: No, it's a galette. 
D: A whatette? 
A: Ga-lette.
D: Uh... 
A: Yes, darling, it's pizza.... 


(Oh! Don't forget to roast the seeds too! We ate them as a healthy snack with a little salt & pepper.)


  1. If you pop the squash into the oven or microwave to warm, the skin should be easier to peel off once softer. Believe me, I got this tip after near death experiences with all my knives going at the darn squash.

  2. i love this recipe too! and smitten kitchen's zucchini ricotta galette is really yummy too - for those non-cuddly squash months ;)