Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the first date of Christmas....

Saturday night was Date Night. Didz had been planning it for a week and wouldn't reveal anything to me - making the anticipation and the long wait for the weekend to arrive almost unbearable.

We took the train into Brussels and walked down into the Grand Place. I was immediately awe-struck by the scene before us. Tall beams surrounding the enormous Christmas tree in the center of the square were projecting lights into the sky. Set to a classical music soundtrack that echoed loudly through the square, the lights would turn, dance across the buildings of the Grand Place, and around again as crowds of people gazed upwards, delighted by the spectacle. It was beautiful. I found myself completely enchanted by the show, holding Didz's hand, smiling, and filled with love - in that moment, there were no worries, no concerns, no stress about the uncertainty of the future - just beauty. And complete contentment.

Didz bought us some hot, mulled wine to keep us warm and we continued strolling through the Christmas Market - weaving through the crowds of people and passing by all the vendors selling food, drinks, trinkets, chocolate and toys... It was simply joyful. 

Then Didz led us to part two of the evening - a charming little champagne shop with tables in the back to stay, sip and enjoy your purchase. The menu of bottles hung along the walls, with patches of exposed brick and dim, romantic lighting. 

It was lovely, and charming, and bubbly and delicious... and exactly what I was hoping our Date Night would be... He knows me too well. 

I didn't want our dreamy little evening to come to an end... but the train back to Leuven was our reality check, and we had to go.

Before we got married, at my bachelorette weekend in Malibu, Annie raised her glass to us saying, "May you never stop dating each other"...

So far, so good.

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