Friday, December 2, 2011

Our First Christmas Tree

I have about a million memories attached to decorating Christmas trees - unwrapping all of my mom's beautiful ornaments one by one, listening to my favorite Christmas album, sipping hot mulled wine (though that's more recent in the timeline of holiday memories), the careful placement of the ornaments on the tree, laughing at the popsicle stick decorations my brothers and I made in grade school that my mom has kept all these years.... and then, once the tree has been decorated, snuggling up on the couch with my parents by the warmth of the fireplace and enjoying what I consider the official opening of the season.

This year, Didz and I decorated our own little tree, and (though I got a little bit nostalgic) I grew increasingly excited about all the future Christmas memories we'll be making as a new family.

We'll have our own little traditions, our own collection of our children's handmade ornaments and keepsakes, our own fireplace to cuddle up by... and Cito, who will knock down the tree in a matter of seconds (Mama, if you're reading this - be warned, Cito loves playing with Christmas decorations). 

Our little tree is such a perfect addition to our home. It is such a welcome reminder of how wonderful life is - getting to share in the joy of the season with Didz, and beginning to create our own collection of holiday memories.