Friday, June 15, 2012

A long week, and some cherries

This has been a long, strange week. The weather has been completely schizophrenic - within minutes a blue sky, sunny day clouds over and rain comes pouring down. I've gone out in sunglasses, and come home soaking wet. The sunshine makes me want to go out and enjoy the day, the rain makes me want to curl up in bed. The hormones make me crazy and emotional, and the aches and pains of pregnancy make me grouchy. Didz has been working so hard on a project due next week - but has still managed to take care of me, AND he has braved the rains to run to the store to bring home ice cream (he really is amazing...). He calms me down during my fits of anxiety (honestly, all it takes is for him to rub my belly, and tell our baby girl he loves her and my heart just melts), and he plops me down on the couch with my feet up after dinner while he does the dishes (*swoon*)... I'm so grateful for him, and I'm consciously trying not to let the fear of the unknown (all the looming uncertainties of our future) get me down. I would hate to look back on these months and wish I was more present and more positive. I'm so glad he reminds me and encourages me to smile and continue to enjoy this adventure. With Father's Day this weekend, I can't help but smile thinking what a lucky little girl our baby is to have a daddy like Didz.

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  1. I'm so glad you have him and he's so good to you. What a great thing for you to realize what a great guy you have, too. <3