Friday, June 29, 2012

Love & lemonade

Yesterday was the hottest day we've seen here in Belgium. We spent most of the afternoon sitting at an outdoor cafe bidding some friends farewell before they took off for a 6 week project in Thailand. It was hot. It was sunny. It felt like summer (my pink shoulders and Didz's strawberry-colored nose prove it). But when we got home, we realized we were in trouble. Our top-floor apartment was stifling. It was unbearable. So in the evening, instead of suffering inside, we went out on the back deck and sipped some cold beverages (a lemonade for me, and a beer for my man), and waited for the cool evening air to bring some relief.

While we sat there we realized, as a lot of our friends back home are congregating in Boston for a Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival this weekend, that it was four years ago at the festival in Los Angeles that we fell in love... So, dear polka-dancing Lithuanian friends, we hope you have a wonderful time dancing, singing, drinking and that some love connections are made... :)

Cheers! I sveikata! 

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