Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mini Weekend Bits (a day late)

I haven't been taking many pictures lately - partly because carrying the extra weight of my camera is getting more difficult with an aching back and growing belly, but also because sometimes when I'm too focused on capturing everything with the camera, I miss out on actually experiencing the moment. So this weekend, I only took a handful of pictures and saved the rest of the memories in my mind. So, dear friends, I'm sorry I can't show you the burger the size of my face I ate on Saturday when Didz and I lucked out and got a table at one of my favorite restaurants (where I've only eaten twice because getting a table without a reservation is nearly impossible), or the marching band that interrupted our meal by marching through the square playing their tubas and drums and trumpets so loud we couldn't hear ourselves think. And I'm sorry I didn't photograph the beautiful brunch set-up and glorious spread of food we prepared for 12 of our friends on Sunday, which had to be moved inside because our patio party got rained out, or the delicious rhubarb cake that got devoured throughout the course of the afternoon. And I don't have any pictures of our friends eating and drinking and laughing and talking - because I was just too in love with the moment.

The few photos I captured are below, if you'd like to see:

beach volleyball in the sunshine

making fruit salad

robbie, on his perch

didz. beer.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! June has really snuck up on us, and while we're welcoming summer, we're secretly wishing we had an extra month or two to figure out some of the looming question marks we're dealing with before Didz's graduation at the end of August. 

Ah well... C'est la vie!


  1. Auste - I've been looking for a new recipe for this year's rhubarb and you have provided it - AČIŪ! Will be baking tonight!

    1. Fantastic - you'll love it! I was thinking about whipping up a batch of these in the morning: http://www.finecooking.com/recipes/cinnamon-rhubarb-muffins.aspx (something else to try if you're in the mood for muffins).

  2. mmmmmmm saison. I just brewed one 3 weeks ago. we should compare nootes :)