Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This week, so far, has been full of pleasant surprises... just a bunch of little things that have made me smile: A super incredible email from Allyson, a gorgeous wedding invitation from Mollie (is it weird to want to frame someone else's wedding invite?), an unexpected afternoon visit from Kirsten to bake (and eat) cookies, and the biggest doozy of a surprise.... my trouble-making, shenanigan-causing, wine-drinking, napkin-hat-wearing, boogying-down, best friend Deana writing to say her work trip in London will wrap up at the end of the week and she'll be on a train to Leuven on Friday (!!!).

These types of moments and emails and surprises remind me how awesome my friends are and how, no matter how far away we might live from one another, they're always there.

Thank you, ladies.

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