Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Parisian Getaway

We spent the past five days in Paris. It was so good. It was good to get away from our mess at home, clear our heads, eat croissants, drink wine, take long walks, and just hang out together without the worries that have consumed us lately. It was refreshing, to say the least. 

This trip, of course, was very different from past visits. There was a tiny human dictating our days, so there were no fancy dinners or evenings at bars. Instead there was a pizza picnic in the living room and evenings curled on the couch watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle (Ina was MESMERIZED by the sparkle!). There were afternoon drinks and early bedtimes. There were long walks, and long naps. It was perfect. 

Here's a glimpse:

I am forever grateful to our friends who let us stay in their beautiful flat while they were away - you guys are the best. We'll miss you... and that view!

I was sad packing up to head back home - but Didz promised we won't stay away too long. I'm already looking forward to our next trip... and doing some casual apartment hunting :)


  1. I think Ina and the wine glass is my favorite photo - I've definitely seen Auste make that expression before! (Don't worry Ina - plenty of wine and glasses waiting for you in Cali!)

  2. The last picture is my favorite!!! Once in a lifetime moment in Paris with baby. ahhhhh :)

  3. agree! those two photos are amazing! that last one she'll cherish forever...esp when she's studying abroad in paris and her mumsy comes to visit ;)