Friday, March 15, 2013

The Honeymoon is Over

A year and a half ago, I married my best friend and left on my honeymoon. A couple days ago, we returned (with a little baby in tow)... and it all feels like a dream. I know it happened, I know we were there, but I already feel so removed and so far away from it all. My heart hurts a little, and yet I'm looking forward to new horizons, a new place to settle down and call home.

For now, we're enjoying our time in Toronto (despite the fact that it's FREEZING). It's been great catching up with Didz's family. They are positively smitten with Ina, of course, and she has been such a trooper being passed around from one set of arms to the next getting to know everyone. Once this jetlag wears off and we're all sleeping through the night again, it'll be even better.

We're also taking our time adjusting to the culture shock - which might not ever truly go away for us. We're constantly comparing things and missing things, and after watching about five minutes of garbage on TV and sitting in traffic for an hour we realized we were way better off not owning a TV or a car. It's still strange hearing people speak English around us, being greeted with "hello", and leaving tips at restaurants (tipping isn't standard in Belgium - neither is good service).

I can't honestly say I'm happy to be back yet, but I imagine that's typical for most couples returning from their honeymoon.

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  1. The label on this is awesome.
    I guess it's time I come to Canada.