Friday, May 17, 2013

Cocktail Hour

Around here, we take Cocktail Hour very seriously. It's a way of life, really. In the summertime, having appetizers and drinks on the front porch before dinner is a daily event - one of life's little pleasures. We sit, and sip and chat, and watch the cars and joggers and bicyclists and kids running home from their little league games. In the past ten years that they've lived here, my parents have not only adapted to life in a small New England town, they've nearly perfected it. I didn't grow up here, in fact I've never lived in this house for more than a few weeks at a time (my parents moved here when I was already out of the house). But this town, and this house, hold a special place in my heart. Time slows down here. Worries are lessened. And Cocktail Hour is promptly at five.

Have a wonderful weekend... Cheers!

1 comment:

  1. Now that I will soon have a porch, I will be thinking of your family as I make Hendricks + tonic drinks for cocktail hour. :)