Saturday, May 18, 2013

Seven Months

Dear Didzette,

Another month has flown by, sweet little bug, but we're not celebrating today. You've been sick all week with a nasty flu - it's your first time being sick and my heart has just been breaking for you. I feel so helpless, and wish so badly I could kiss it away. You've been so miserable, and I hope you feel better soon. I miss my happy girl. Not much makes you smile these days... except for one little thing. If I show you a picture of your daddy your eyes light up and you give me a BIG smile. It's the sweetest thing, and I know you miss him so much while we're away.

I miss him, too.

Even though you've been sick, we've had a nice visit with your grandparents. They try to cheer you up with silly songs and your darling grandmother taught you how to pull ALL the kleenex out of the box - it's become your favorite game (thanks a lot, mom).

Let's go wipe your nose (you HATE it when I do that), and get you all better so we could play and giggle and practice crawling and do all those cute baby things you do best.


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