Thursday, July 18, 2013

9 Months

Dear Didzette,

Oh goodness - you are nine months old. I find myself wondering how in the world that could happen? You were just born... weren't you? Yet, when we look back at newborn baby photos of you in Belgium, that teeny tiny person looks so foreign. That is certainly not the same little rascal that crawls wildly, giggling, around the house looking for the next obstacle to climb over or the next book/remote control/iPhone/bowl/toy/spoon/spatula/bottle to put into your mouth. You don't sit still for a moment.

You're full of all kinds of tricks these days, bug. You clap! Clapping is your new favorite thing - especially to Michael Jackson, but also to the little songs you sing to yourself when you're content. Which is pretty much all the time. You're such a happy little bug. You only show your scary, cranky side when you're tired - but thankfully you're such a good sleeper, you sleep off the crabbiness and you wake up singing your little songs to yourself while sitting up in your crib while waiting for one of us to come get you.

My favorite moments of the day are the ones when the sun is just coming up and the softest light beams in through our bedroom windows. You wake us up and we bring you into bed with us. You nurse, looking up from time to time to smile at your daddy who desperately tries to get a few more minutes of sleep... and then we spend half an hour lounging in bed together. Some days we put some music on, other days we just snuggle. During these early morning moments you're so calm, just smiling your sweet smiles at us. It's my favorite way to start the day.

You've become so social and friendly. When we're out for a walk you smile at all the strangers we pass, you flirt with the people sitting next to us at restaurants as well as the waiters and the busboys. Oh heavens, you love flirting with busboys! Any time our friends stop by to say hello, you warm right up to them in a matter of moments and you love being showered with attention. Everyone adores you, bug. You're our little ray of sunshine.

We love you so much.


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  1. oh my goodness, is she already 9 months?? amazing! and she just gets cuter! :)