Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Bits

We're still trying to get settled... which will take a while considering our moving truck will only deliver the majority of our stuff at the end of this week, and there are countless jobs around the apartment that need to be taken care of before we will really feel settled (walls to be painted, floors to be redone, closets to be organized...) and it's all so much more difficult with a little bug who wants to climb in/on/around/through/over everything in sight. People thought we were crazy for moving from Belgium with a 5 month old... but that was easy. She just stayed in one place wherever we plopped her down. Moving to LA with an 8 month old has been significantly more challenging. She does not stay put. Not even for a minute.

This weekend we had a nice balance of getting things done around the house, plus a few outings. We loaded up on veggies at the farmer's market, took a drive up to Malibu taking in the ocean views while the baby napped in the backseat, went to a fun BBQ with some friends...

Very few photos were taken, but here's a peek...

Despite the fact that we're not unpacked or moved in yet, we are SO happy to be here. The sunshine. The ocean. The palm trees. The tacos. It's so good.

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