Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Bits

The amazing thing about friends is that you can move away to three different cities in two different countries, get married, have a baby, move back six years later and pick up as though no time has passed at all... Of course in that time there have been visits and phone calls and emails and letters, but getting to sit down face to face and chat and catch up and smile and laugh over lunch or a drink or just sitting around on the floor of our apartment with Ina crawling all over us is the best. The past few days, when we weren't unpacking and painting and hauling boxes, we were spending time with friends.

We do, however, need to work on finding Didz some buddies, since his only guy friend is 4 years old:

Maybe this week we'll find you some friends, Didz. Thanks for putting up with all the girly chit-chat.

Have a wonderful week!

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