Saturday, July 27, 2013

Belgium Reunion

Last week we had two visitors staying with us - both dear friends from our time in Belgium. He's currently living in Vancouver. She's in London. We all met here in sunny California for a little reunion. We recounted old stories, made new memories, told jokes, played with Ina, hung out at the beach, feasted on sushi and fish tacos, drank Belgian beer and Californian wines. We spent a day at the Getty, another up in Malibu. We had an amazing lunch at Gjelina in Venice, and some great take-out here in our dining room with my brother who was also in town for work. We saw dolphins and ate bread freshly baked one morning by our dear Robbie. It was so normal and natural having them here, like we all belong together... just like back in Leuven. Since they left, the apartment feels a little quieter and emptier (and sober-er), and we miss them so much already.

Here's a peek at our week together:

We love you Auntie Kirsten and Uncle Bobbie! Come back and see us again soon!

(You too, Gug)

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  1. So many wonderful pictures! You have one very adorable baby :) Also, just had to say a big thank you for your lovely comment today. It really made my morning - so sweet. Thank you, thank you. xo