Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For you, Babs

This morning my mother complained about my lack of blog updates lately... Sorry, Babs. This one is for you:

This afternoon we went down to our favorite spot along the bluffs, overlooking the ocean, and hung out on our picnic blanket until the sun went down... The sunset was perfect, with just enough clouds in the sky to explode in pinks and purples, but not so many to hide the sunset altogether. The water was calm. The air was crisp. Ina practiced walking in the grass while Didz and I watched, refusing to believe our little baby girl can walk. We hung out until the sun went down, went out for a bite for dinner, and came home to drink a big bottle of wine...

It was a good day, Babs. When you're in town we'll duplicate it... just with more fun, and double the wine :)

Goodnight, LA. Thanks for another beautiful day.

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  1. that outfit w the pink vest and moccasins is everything.