Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Bits

We had a full, and very fun weekend, complete with playdates and fort building, picnics at the park and a drive down the coast to visit my childhood home. Going down to Palos Verdes was a trip down memory lane, and though it all seemed very familiar, it didn't feel like home. It made me grateful for the super awesome childhood I had in one of the most beautiful places on earth, but also grateful that we moved away when I was 13 and got to experience so much more in so many other amazing places.

When we drove down the long driveway to see the old house, bits and pieces of memories came back to me - the tree by the mailbox that I was terrified of because my brothers told me the axe murderer lived there, and every time I had to walk the dog I would sprint as fast as I could past the tree so he wouldn't kill me... or the bump in the driveway I hit while racing down the hill on my bicycle, causing me to fly off over the front of the handlebars and scrape up my entire face and hands and knees... or the front of the house where our old Basset Hound lived, protecting us and alerting us of any visitors... or the spectacular view we had from up on our hill...

It was fun to reminisce, but I was happy to come home with Iny and Didz and create our own memories...

 ...and build forts.

The time change has really kicked our butts the past couple mornings - Iny didn't get the memo about sleeping in an extra hour and has been waking us up at 5. So........ let's all just take it easy this week and ease into the new month, and new time change.

Naps are encouraged.


  1. I always support naps.

  2. forts - yes! what sweet childhood memories are made of :)

  3. I just reminisced about your old RPV house and my always having to run inside while you guys distracted the dog.