Friday, November 1, 2013


Hey Iny.

Today is not our day. We went for our daily walk to get my coffee and you were fine. But once we came home nothing was going your way. You refused to eat your breakfast, choosing to throw everything on the floor instead. You didn't want to sit in your high-chair. You just wanted to be held. You cried when I tried to give you a toy to play with. You cried when I tried to give you snacks. No matter what I did you just screamed. And screamed. And screamed. Nothing I did worked. You were inconsolable.

So I put you down for a nap a little early and went to take a shower. The rumbling garbage truck must've woken you up, because within minutes of going down, you were up and screaming again. Trying to finish showering in a hurry, I lathered my face with conditioner instead of face wash. I turned the water off, got out of the shower... and just stood there. Dripping. Unable to muster the energy to go soothe you. Instead, I cried.

When your father called to check in, I cried some more. He told me to open the bottle of champagne that's sitting in the fridge and drink it.


But it's only 10am and we still have a lot of day ahead of us.... So now, you're crawling around the living room, destroying everything in sight. Pulling all the pillows off the couch, scattering your toys and books and my shoes all over the place. There's shopping bags and wrapping paper, sweaters and cheerios littering the floor. And I'm not doing a damn thing about it. Because as long as you're not screaming, we're ok.

We're ok.

Let's go for a walk. Some fresh air and sunshine will do us both good. Plus, Mama needs another coffee.

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  1. Hey Iny,
    Please be nice to your mama, she loves you so and is doing her best. I know you don't have words yet, but maybe just less crying?
    Tia Stella