Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beers & Boogie: A Typical Night Out

Before we moved here, I remember Didz and I being worried about meeting people and making friends. I remember specifically thinking: What if all the people in his MBA program are a bunch of nerdazoids who don't like to go out and have fun??

We quickly learned that we couldn't have been more wrong about this bunch of future CEOs and entrepreneurs -- what a ridiculously fun bunch!

A typical night out with these guys looks something like this:

Chatting, sipping, enjoying

Zaal, Christian, Laurent, Didz & Gautam
It all starts out innocently enough - a few beers, a few laughs... but then someone decides we should go dancing! So we move on to the next bar...

Game faces. Ready to party. 

And before you know it, complete madness ensues:

Marcelo starts dancing on the tables...
Ott goes behind the bar to mix himself a drink...
Christian and Didz show off their dance moves...

And before you know it, the whole place is boogying down! 

Last week, our buddy Robbie decided he wanted to head home and get a few hours of sleep before waking up to finish an assignment due at 9am.... He made the mistake of saying goodbye to some people (when what he should've done is snuck out undetected) because a few of the guys blocked his exit, and carried him back into the bar on their shoulders with the whole bar chanting, "One more beer! One more beer!"

Robbie getting carried back to the bar

Didz and I have learned to sneak away when it's time to go home - yet even when we think we're leaving "early" and everyone else is still dancing the night away, we still only manage to get home at 4am.

I'm getting too old for this.... (but it's SO fun!)

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