Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Didz!

We celebrated Didz's birthday on Saturday night in Brussels with dinner at Bonsoir Clara, a wonderful little restaurant that a friend recommended, on rue Antoine Dansaert (across the street from this little shop, which was unfortunately closed by the time we walked over there).

The view of the bar from our table
The servers were incredibly attentive and charming - and our waiter looked exactly like Westley from The Princess Bride! (I wanted to say something... but then, what do you say? "Hey you really look like that guy from that movie that you've probably never seen"... aaand cue the awkward silence.)

 We started with salmon sashimi appetizer (which got devoured before I could take a picture), then Didz had a big, fat, juicy steak with a pepper sauce and I had the seared tuna with a wasabi dressing. Everything was perfectly prepared - his steak was melt-in-your-mouth good, my tuna was superb, and of course we had plenty of Chimay to wash it down.

Tuna with wasabi dressing and vegetable "spaghetti"

Though I could barely finish my entree, dessert was a no-brainer: a beautiful Creme Brulee (which we also enjoyed before a picture could be taken) with a little scotch and cognac as a digestif before taking the train home to Leuven. We went home fat, happy, and a little drunk....  I had the hiccups all the way home, and every time I hiccuped I couldn't help but laugh...
*hiccup!* (giggle, giggle) *hiccup!* (giggle, giggle) *hiccup!* (giggle, giggle)

The Birthday Boy (who hasn't shaved since our wedding day)

Happy Birthday, Didz! You always make me laugh, you know exactly when I need a hug (and a tequila), and you're hilarious to gossip with (since I know you don't care *at all* about any of the drama I gush to you, but you humor me anyway). You support my scattered interests, and are always up for a dance in the living room when one of "our" songs unexpectedly plays on the ipod. You're the kindest, most generous man I know - and I'm so unbelievably happy to be your wife.

I love you.

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  1. Let me just say I'm reading this again now, and i love this post. <3