Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mind the gap.

Tonight, Didz came home as I was preparing dinner. He, being the sweetheart that he is, offered to help and went to take his wedding ring off... Either his fingers lost their grip, or the slippery little silver band made a jump for it, but all I heard was a "dink....dink...dink..." - the sound of a small metal object bouncing off the hardwood floors. 

I stop stirring the mushroom sauce, and bend down to pick it up... but... I don't see it. Didz bends down and looks around, too.... nothing. It literally disappeared. 

We get down on our knees, and see this: 

Under the counter, above the baseboards, there's a little gap... Juuuust big enough for a wedding band to bounce into. 


I was convinced it was a goner. I was already picturing a scene, 100 years from now: as they're demolishing this building to build some crazy space-aged UFO pod, one of the construction workers would yell at his crew to stop because he sees something shiny, glinting in the rubble.... A relic of a bygone era... a symbol of a love so true... a... 

.... and there's Didz getting to work trying to fish it out with a fork while I daydream away. The fork approach didn't work. Neither did the magnet on a string (who knew a silver ring wasn't magnetic?). But after we got a little crafty, with the magic of double stick tape on the tips of Didz's fingers....


We got the ring, I stuck it back on his finger, and told him to never, ever, take it off again. 

(Pardon the crummy photos, I was in panic mode, not photo mode)


  1. I'm amazed that even in panic mode you managed to snap photos! And am glad/impressed you got it back. :)

  2. I love the suspense! The drama! I was on the edge of my office chair! :)

    I also love that you took the time to photo document the rescue mission. I would have liked to see the fork and magnet attempts though. I was totally thinking about a magnet when you started!