Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Delight: Apple Pie Cookies

Last week, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first visitor... and upon hearing that she was delayed by a few hours coming out of Paris, I knew I had to get busy or I'd drive myself crazy sitting around, twiddling my thumbs watching the seconds tick by... (yes, I was *very* excited to see my friend).  Since I had just bought about a million kilos of the most amazing apples from the market, I decided to make these incredible cookies -- (was I feeling over-ambitious? Or just plain crazy?)

Probably crazy. But they were crazy good!

As usual, I adapted the recipe just a bit... and used what I had in the kitchen (like a water glass instead of cookie cutters), and I diced the apples into little bits and put a whole dollop-y spoonful in each instead of putting one round slice in each cookie as the recipe suggests. My approach made them a little lumpier and less uniform - but I didn't have another "cookie cutter" that was slightly smaller to cut the apple rounds.

Once I got them prepped, sealed, egg-washed, and arranged on the baking sheet into the oven they went.... And the sweet apple pie smells filled the apartment... Heavenly!

In the oven

And by far, the most difficult part of the entire process was not to devour every last one the moment they came out of the oven... but of course we sampled a couple (just to make sure we could offer them to our guest when she arrived).

Ready to be taste-tested

While these are certainly not the easiest thing to just throw together, I will absolutely make them again - maybe on a rainy, gray fall day... 

These are definitely Didz approved.

...or before our next visitor shows up in a couple weeks! 


  1. I had no idea you were so domestic! She cooks, she sews, she draws, she drinks (personal fave).. What can't she do!

  2. Family Night Reunion. I'll bake up a storm. I never had the chance back in NYC cause I was always massively swamped with work... This whole Belgian housewife gig suits me! :)

  3. i just made these! we went apple picking in north andover and when given the chance to use a smitten kitchen recipe, ima do it. oooo im so happy you made them too!