Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Bits: Geneva

Travelling is exhausting. Travelling when you're pregnant? Double exhausting. Travelling when you're pregnant with your in-laws? Oof! We had a fantastic trip, and we absolutely loved Geneva, but coming home and crawling into our bed last night was my favorite part of the weekend.

Geneva is a beautiful (but expensive!) city with a spectacular setting on the shores of Lake Geneva, at the foot of the Alps. We were lucky the forecasted rain held off for us, making it ideal for wandering and sitting at outdoor cafes by the water. Coordinating seven people in a foreign city can be tricky - but we managed to find a perfect balance between family time and solo exploring. We had a few fantastic meals (our dear friend Ariane recommended a very cool restaurant that we went to our first night in town), and everyone got to cross off some things off their Geneva to-do list. Didz's brother and his girlfriend took a day-trip to Mont Blanc, his parents and sister went to a couple museums and Didz and I had absolutely nothing on our agenda, so we just walked and talked and sat and ate and loved every minute of it.

love this guy



jet d'eau


beautiful day on the water

pregnancy craving satisfied. thank you, room service.

One of the highlights was Saturday morning, when Didz and I went to have a coffee at this funky little cafe on a jetty in the middle of lake called Buvette des Bains. We happened upon this little three piece band playing and people dancing (in Lithuanian we call them "rateliai"... simple choreographed dances danced in circles). It was so much fun to watch - we were tempted to jump in and learn the steps on the spot, but chickened out and sat and enjoyed our coffee and watched the show instead.


the band: Sous le Pont

Geneva left such a good impression on us that I hope we have a chance to explore the rest of Switzerland at some point. This week Didz's parents and sister are visiting Lucerne and Zurich - it'll be interesting to hear their thoughts when they visit us this coming weekend. 

Have a wonderful week! 

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