Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Bits

This weekend was a perfect mix of food, friends and relaxing in the sunshine. After what has felt like endless rain for weeks on end, we were thrilled to have a weekend of crystal clear skies and sunshine-y afternoons. We took some long walks through town, discovered a newly opened dessert cafe (!!!), enjoyed a homemade Vietnamese feast with our neighbors downstairs, and spent Sunday afternoon relaxing on Robbie's new rooftop terrace with friends. Oh, and both Saturday and Sunday morning Didz practiced his breakfast making skills for future Mother's Day meals... delicious!


my view

blueberry pancakes

dessert before dinner

my love

world's greatest omelet

laurent and his large chip

erik, kirsten, blue sky

robbie's fresh baked bread and the spread

robbie, the bread baker (ladies, he's single!)


I hope the sun is shining wherever you are, too... Have a fantastic week! 


  1. say whaattt, Robbie baked bread??!?!

    All looks lovely. Hugs!

  2. Yeah!... he's been holding out on us this whole time! We could've been enjoying fresh baked Robbie goodness all along! (ps he moved into Ariane's complex... awesome little bachelor pad)