Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Bits

happy flowers

There was a lot of activity going on in Leuven all weekend - a European food market with vendors from France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Hungary... a carnival in the park... various concerts throughout town... and hot, sunny days. The city was buzzing and everyone was outside, welcoming the start of summer. We spent Saturday showing Didz's parents and sister around town and had a lovely dinner in a little garden patio of one of our favorite restaurants. Sunday, Didz and I hung out in the park in the afternoon, and went out for Indian food on a little square - dinner was delicious, but the concert happening in the square that evening was... um... interesting? Imagine an orchestra (correction: out of tune orchestra) playing back-up for the lead singer of Megadeath. It was just dreadful... but hilariously so.

Here's just a glimpse:

the garlic man - selling the most amazing, fresh garlic

fresh, juicy, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth strawberries

making lemon bars

eating lemon bars

musical instruments

Didz figuring out the engineering behind the instrument

chickens on stilts

Didz learning a new trick


worst. band. ever.

bustling cafe

Didz's favorite part of the weekend (which unfortunately was also the biggest disappointment) was the "Grand Cafe" - a tiny little shack set up in the park that served beer, and had a max capacity of 4 people packed in tightly like sardines. Didz was hugely upset that the few times we walked past it it was either closed or full. Next time, Didz, next time. 

The "Grand Cafe" by day and by night

I hope you had a fantastic weekend (Happy Memorial Day to those of you back in 'Merica)... and happy summer!

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