Thursday, July 12, 2012

17 Hours of Stella

Last night we had the pleasure of hosting our darling Stella (of Chocolate Tasting fame) during her 17 hour layover. It was the shortest, but absolutely sweetest visit we've had... we went out to dinner, talked, laughed, strolled through town, and ate chocolate. She got to rub my big belly as we talked about our plans, making sure the babette knows her voice for future visits together. Then we went to bed, woke up and bid her farewell. It was far too short, but I couldn't be happier to have gotten those few precious hours with her. 

homesickness inducing graffiti - i think it's a sign 
lights and windows at Hungaria restaurant
love her
dessert x 2 

So long, dear Stella... Give a little love to NYC for me and I promise to eat an extra waffle for you. I'm already looking forward to our next reunion, and for you to meet the Didzette when she makes her fat-cheeky appearance. 

We love you!! 


  1. Sooo, this was the first thing I read when I landed- literally read this when I was still taxing on the runway back in NYC (and commented, a bit mad it didn't save!) and it made me SO happy! Such a short trip and a long layover, and so glad it all worked out. You 2 (.5) were the BESTEST hosts ever and I'm so glad I got to hang with you. Thanks for such a lovely little time and the wonderful hugs and belly rub time. Love you all.

    1. Come back! I just pulled some muffins out of the oven... we can snuggle up on the couch and nibble and giggle and hide from the rainy, crappy day outside. Miss you... xo